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Client Recommendations & Comments



Tim is one of the most detailed and driven Realtors I have known. If you want something done, Tim will make sure it happens. He keeps his business honest and direct and he will not steer you in the wrong direction. Tim has mastered the art of customer service far beyond my expectations and he keeps the lines of communication open and two way. I will never use another Realtor...I lucked out when I found Tim to help me with my searches and my purchases.



Tim goes above and beyond. He has helped me many time with questions on my home and parents home. Within the last 6 months he sold a home to my parents in Colorado. He has continued to keep up a great rapport with my parents. They are elderly and he has often called to make sure all is well and if they needed anything. That shows me great compassion for people and his business. I feel he will be a great friend for my whole family in the coming years. I am in the process of selling my house in the future and Tim has looked up someone with the same passion he has. Thank you Tim for being so good at what you do and a great person also.  


Sean & Cylina, 

Tim O’Brien is great! Originally we had a different Realtor and it just didn’t seem like he cared or wanted to put our needs first. A friend told us about Tim and the wonderful experience they had with him and we decided to give him a call. It was the best call we’ve made all year! While working with Tim it felt like the care and attention we had been missing. He put our needs first and went out of his way, even 70 miles at a time, to make sure we were taken care of. We love our new house and it’s all through the effort of Tim! If anyone asks, Tim is the only person we will recommend.

Thanks Tim!



I began my relation with Tim O’ Brien over six years ago, when I purchased a new home from him. Since then, Tim has helped me buy and sell several other properties.
It wasn’t long after our first business transaction that we became true personal friends. Besides being a fun guy to be around, I have found Tim to be very competent and real estate savvy.
Tim is a man of high ethic and high integrity. Tim works hard and will always do the due diligence to get the job done right the first time.
And he has turned out to be one heck of a friend.








Home Staging sells your home faster

Home Staging: It Gets Results and It’s Green


Home StagingDespite the down economy, home stagers are busier than ever, as today’s realtors insist that staging is the most cost effective way to maximize home sale profits. It also happens to be one of the most sustainable ways to attract buyers.

Home staging is not tasteful decorating. In fact, when potential buyers walk into un-staged but tastefully decorated homes, the personal style of the existing homeowner distracts them from envisioning the space as a home of their own.

Home stagers, like retail display designers, aim to enhance a product’s appeal. Although the scale is different, the principles are the same: maximize the space, eliminate distractions and increase the traffic flow.

Sustainable Ways to Successfully Stage Your Home


Approach the big purge with mindfulness and commitment.
De-cluttering is an essential step that cannot be missed. Homeowners usually find this phase of the process tiresome, tedious and frustrating but it is a critical one, nonetheless. Trimming ship is the first step towards punching up profits. I advise my clients to reduce everything on display by half and then to recycle unwanted items by selling them or donating them. Three worthy, tax-deductible recipients are Goodwill, local homeless shelters and the public library. Also keep in mind that animal shelters and vets love used linens!

Recycle Responsibly
There was a time when no one believed that citywide, curbside recycling would become a reality. Who ever dreamed how far we’d move above and beyond that. Calling 311 will connect you to your local Department of Sanitation to find out about area recycling pick-up and drop-off locations. Earth911 is an excellent resource for locating more specialized recycling facilities in your area. Key your area code into the search field, specify what you’re recycling and you’ll get listings for everything from used light bulbs and house paint to broken LCD screens and car batteries. Precious keepsakes and other things you don’t want to recycle or give away can be moved to a storage rental facility unit or a mobile container or pod that gets picked up right in front of your house.

Remove wallpaper
All wallpaper must be removed. This is done both to de-personalize the space and to expose or prevent the formation of potential mould problems.

Avoid air fresheners and all other synthetically scented products
People sometimes have allergic reactions to certain essential oils so I recommend altogether avoiding them. I find that grinding a lemon in the garbage disposal broadcasts a smell that is fresh, clean and inoffensive.

Purchase new furniture only as a last resort
Almost all of the staging furniture I use is obtained through local prop houses and thrift stores or from sites like Freecycle, Free Napkin, Craigslist, Kijiji and Backpage.com.

Use 0-VOC Paint
When painting is recommended, I recommend Benjamin Moore’s 0-VOC Paint as it is environmentally friendly, easy to work with and provides a rich color and a high quality finish.

Create environmental stewardship opportunities for friends, family and members of the community
Ask your next door neighbor for that chartreuse sofa she just dumped on the curb for pick up. Although your home must be staged in neutral, earth tones, a slip cover from Sure-fit.com will work wonders. After the house sells, you can freecycle the sofa or pass it on to someone you know whose home is about to go on the market. Keep in mind that a staged home will not be used as a real home. No need to buy new pillows since no one will be sleeping on them. Ask local offices for their shredded documents and stuff them into the empty pillowcases, instead.

Product Stewardship —the process of identifying, managing and minimizing the health and environmental risks of a product throughout its life cycle– makes for sustainable staging. An expertly and sustainably staged home appeals to potential buyers by enabling them to envision the space as a comfortable, healthy and happy home. It also reflects the good stewardship of realtor, stager and seller. Contribute to your community by staging your home sustainably.

Mico Smith is a Resdesign Specialist, Home Stager and ten year visual merchandising veteran. She is founder of the company, Metamorphing Interiors and a resident of Aurora, Colorado. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free initial staging consultation, you can email her at smith.mico at gmail.com